Countdown for Your Move

Countdown for Your Move

… 3 months to go…

  • Cancel rental agreement
  • Possibly apply for time off at work
  • Set moving date
  • Get quotes from moving companies
  • Renovation planning for new & old apartment
  • Apply for clearing out/bulky waste
  • Possibly order new furniture
  • Choose a new school/kindergarten
  • Notification of changes to insurance companies in advance,
    Telephone company, energy supplier,
    Sports Club & Co.

… 1 month to go…

  • Notify friends/relatives of new address
  • Draw interior plan
  • Change notification to bank, GEZ & Co
  • Reserve moving van if necessary
  • Check household and liability insurance
  • Measure width of doors, elevator, staircase

… 2 weeks to go…

  • Clean carpets & curtains, make changes if necessary.
  • Appointment confirmation of the craftsmen
  • Forwarding request / mail
  • Appointment for the handover of the apartment
  • Organize no-parking zone for the moving van (municipality).
  • Organize covering material for sensitive floors, moving boxes, cushioning foil, transport aids.

… 1 more day to go…

  • Take meter readings and notify the utility company and landlord
  • Pack last boxes
  • Possibly pick up moving van & test drive if necessary.
  • Packing plants safely
  • Possibly already load transporter
  • Organize catering
  • Packing a “survival kit” for the first day

… the time has come – today we go to the new apartment…

  • Check staircase for previous damage
  • Repair of damage caused
  • Cleaning the staircase after the move
  • Cleaning and handing over the old apartment
  • Check old apartment – something forgotten?
  • Organize lights in the new apartment

… in the new apartment – after moving…

  • Report any damage caused by the moving company
  • Inform authorities (residents’ registration office, etc.)
  • Relax and enjoy your new apartment

Schilling Hausverwaltung wishes you much joy in your new 4 walls and a beautiful new living experience.

Schilling Hagen Wohnen
Schilling Hagen Wohnen
Schilling Hagen Wohnen
Schilling Hagen Wohnen