House Rules

House Rules

I. In the interest of mutual consideration, the following applies:

1. Loud noises, in particular those that are likely to annoy other residents and disturb the peace, are to be avoided.

2. Music-making is not permitted in the living quarters from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. and from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Radio, television and other audio devices must be set to room volume. Craft activities during the above mentioned periods are also not permitted.

3. The use of showers and bathtubs is to be avoided between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. due to noise disturbance.

4. Carpets, blankets and other objects may only be beaten – if available – in the attic or another place designated for this purpose. The local statutes must be observed. Accumulated dirt must be properly disposed of immediately. Tapping and cleaning out the window or from the balcony is not allowed.

If there is a courtyard, the tenants are entitled to use it together with the other tenants in accordance with the instructions of the landlord. Parking, cleaning, care and repair of motor vehicles of any kind is not permitted.

6. Children are allowed to play in the yard as long as not forbidden by the landlord.

II. Residents’ duty of care

1. House and yard doors as well as other access doors to the leased property, with the exception of the house entrance door, shall be locked in the period from 01.04.. until 31.10. at 22.00 o’clock in the rest of the year at 21.00 o’clock to close. The tenants must ensure that the doors are properly locked again when leaving or entering the rental property.

2. During periods of prolonged absence from the apartment, the tenant must ensure that the apartment can be entered by the landlord. In particular, the landlord shall be informed of the persons whom the landlord or his representative may contact if it is necessary to enter the apartment.

3. When carrying out cleaning duties, care must be taken to ensure that only those cleaning agents are used that do not damage the objects to be cleaned.

4. In case of transportation, the Lessee carrying out the transportation shall ensure cleaning of the surfaces soiled during the transportation.

5. Parking of baby carriages in the hallway is not allowed. Placing other objects of any kind on hallways or stair landings is prohibited.

6. Barbecuing and lighting fires on balconies is prohibited.

7. Flower boxes or flower pots may only be placed or otherwise attached in the area of the windows if they are adequately secured against falling down.

8. Skylights as well as roof hatches must always be ascertained. In stormy and rainy weather, the tenant who is using the attic at the time must ensure that it is properly closed.

9. Entering and walking on the hallway/staircase with inline skates, roller skates and the like is prohibited.

10. When attaching dowels, nails or other objects in the wall areas, insofar as this corresponds to the contractual use, it must be ensured that no gas and electricity supply lines or water-bearing pipes are damaged. Direct drilling of tiles is only permitted if it is mandatory and unavoidable for technical reasons. No holes may be drilled in window frames, window sashes, doors, door frames, etc., nor may nails, screws, hooks, etc. be driven or screwed in.

III. Cleaning Duties

1. The cleaning of the basement stairs, basement corridors, courtyards and other entrances, including any existing gateways, is carried out alternately by all tenants in accordance with a cleaning schedule to be drawn up by the landlord.

2. Every tenant is obliged to thoroughly clean the hallway leading to his apartment as well as the stairs and shared toilets twice a week. The areas must also be kept clean on the other days and cleaned separately if they are heavily soiled. If there are several apartments on one floor, the tenants have to take turns with cleaning. The windows, door panels, platforms and landings of the stairwell are also to be cleaned twice a week on a regular basis.

3. Each tenant is responsible for cleaning his basement and the light shafts as well as the associated basement windows, apartment windows with frames and window sills.

4. In the event of the absence of the tenant, the tenant shall provide for an appropriate substitute.

5. Vermin infestation must be reported to the landlord immediately. In order to avoid vermin and in the interest of general hygiene, it must be ensured that kitchen waste is immediately and properly placed in the containers provided and that the containers are kept closed until they are emptied.

IV. Use of common premises

1. If there are rooms that are used by all tenants (laundry room/drying room), the landlord determines the times of use by creating a schedule. Families with small children are to be given priority in use.
2. The corresponding rooms are to be properly cleaned after use by the respective user.
3. Tenants who want to use the common rooms outside of the period of use to which they are entitled must agree this in advance with the tenant who is entitled to use it for the period in question.
4. Cellars, attics and similar rooms may not be entered with open fire.
4. Cellars, attics and similar rooms may not be entered with open fire. When installing stoves or using chimneys (open chimneys), the relevant safety regulations must be observed; in particular, floors must be protected against fire and heat. A certified chimney sweep must always give the formal ok for the above.
5. In freezing weather conditions, the tenant must take precautions to prevent the pipes from freezing. Frozen pipes must be reported to the landlord immediately.